Lash Lift and Tinting

Natural eyelashes will be lifted from the roots up creating a perfect curl, allowing them to appear more defined and voluminous. Combining a tint with your lash lift will darken the colour of your lashes and add depth. Please note the tint only darkens the colour, and does not add any thickness or length.

Beauty Salon – Lash Lifting

The lift will last 4-6 weeks and tint 2-3 weeks. It is very low maintenance, after 24hours treat them just like your everyday lashes. 

Nourishing the lashes with Keratin Treatment everyday is recommended to keep the lashes hydrated and frizz free. 

This service is only suitable for clients who have medium-long lashes. Lash lifts are NOT ideal for people with HOODED EYES, or SHORT LASHES. Lash Lifts should be scheduled 8-10 weeks apart in order to give lashes time to grow.


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